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About the company

КЕRАТЕCH is a manufacturing and engineering company that was founded on the basis of an engineering company "ROSS" in Roudnice nad Labem, which was founded by r. 1880 businessman Rudolf Bächer. Production potential of the company and its traditions are based on the considerable experience of the ROSS а are strengthened long-term cooperation with a group of companies ALTA Group, Vítkovice, CKD Group, and also members of the alliance KERMET.

KERATECH is a modern enterprise with its own manufacturing base, which has references of large companies, which supplies their production and services in the area of metallurgy, engineering, and related industries. 

KERATECH is a leading member of the Alliance of Czech manufacturers KERMET.

The aim of the alliance is to build a comprehensive system offers high-quality products and services to fully meet the most complex requirements of customers in global markets.

The Alliance brings together companies operating in these industries:

  • Equipment for metallurgy
  • Forging Equipment
  • Thermal Technology
  • Special technology
  • Mining technology
  • Building & Construction
  • Engineering industry
  • Cleansing equipment
  • Transport
  • Energetics equipment
  • Equipment for oil industry


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