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Dear Business Partners, 

allow us to introduce KERMET – The Association of Czech Producers of Fireproof and Wet-laid Nonwoven Materials, formed by the Czech companies.

The basic impulsion for the creation of our aliance was the effort to build a complete offer systém of products and services that would satisfy the exigent demands of customers in the scale of global world markets. The main pillar of the succesful operation of the association KERMET is a long lasting tradition of scientific investigation by all of the members of the aliance. This allows us to continue developing, in cooperation with our customers, new products of the most advanced technological level.


The basic philosophy of our associaton is to individually resolve the needs of each customer and an open and flexible communication. All the communication and business processes between the KERMET association and the customers are held by the aliance leader, the company KERATECH, which by this way represents the association.

The present effort of our aliance is to work on the world market of fireproof and wet-laid nonwovens materials, to represent the members of our association as unified entity with long lasting tradition, firm bases and emphasis on research and development. The progress of our association runs basically on it´s own way. We have although support from the Mininistry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic and the CzechTrade agency.


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