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The modern company with production base, based on the basis of the oldest engineering company manufacturing and modern traditions of refractory materials.

The Company has all necessary resources, qualified, experienced professionals to provide customers a full range of services in the following areas:

Production of refractory materials and complex supply:

  • Modular units and fittings made ​​of ceramic and other types of fibers
  • Complete delivery of refractory linings
  • Fittings on the basis of mass concrete
  • Modern lining materials of ceramic fiber
  • Wide range of  masses of concrete
  • Supervision and service
  • Supply of technological equipment for the steel industry from Czech producer Alta and Alliance Kermet.

KERATECH s.r.o. for the efficiency of investment by the customer offers export financing, with the cooperation of ALTA, the state insurance company EGAP and Czech banks.


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