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Anchor system

The company Keratech s.r.o. offers customers a wide range of anchors for mounting all types of offered materials. We offer modern anchors tufted mats for refractory ceramic fibers, several options for fixing the modular units with internal and outside anchor, which allows us to produce and strengthen the non-standard modular units.



30.12.2015 | We have build 4 chamber furnaces at VSMPO-AVISMA (Russia)

We have build 4 electrical chamber electrical heating furnace (AMS 2750E) for titanium alloys.

15.10.2015 | We have build two push-type furnaces at MPZ

We have build 2 pushing furnaces at MPZ (Belarus).

03.11.2014 | We have build two car bottom electrical furnaces

We have build two electrical car bottom chamber furnaces for heat treatment of titanium. Company - "VSMPO-AVISMA" (Russia). Furnaces under norm AMS 2750.
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