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Torkret - Installation MPCS 4

Torkret – Installation MPCS 4

Metallurgical plaster and concrete installation MPCS 3 is a professional system for production, transport and use of refractory magnesite sprayed and heat–resistant concrete production. It is designed for large metallurgical departments especially for steel plants with uninterrupted casting of steel.

Solid construction and placement of individual components allows for easy maintenance and repair and improve the overall reliability of the equipment.

Metallurgical plaster and concrete installation MPCS 3 is a universal equipment designed for the preparation, transport and applying refractory magnesite plaster walls charted at steel bucket for uninterrupted method of steel production.

The mixture is delivered in high volume bags (so–called. Big Bag) fueled by crane into the bunker armed with break bags. In the bunker are blown and the vibrator, which contribute to a good loading in the continualmixing. In the continuous mixer mixture is stirred with water and therefore prepared composition falls into the hopper of the pump for the mixture. In the pump hopper and continue stirring the mixture, it enters thepump screw. From the pump, wetted mixture under pressure is fed into the transport tube and therefore in plaster applicator. By means of compressed air mixture is sprayed and applied to the wall of the bucket. The whole process of mixing is controlled by an electronic control unit. Prepared wet blend is fed screw pump for the transport arm in plaster and cannon with compressed air is applied to the repair area.
Technical characteristics: Unit Model MPCS 3
Hopper capacity m3 2,5
Productivity m3 /h 2,4
Pumping distance mixture:
– horizontal
– vertical
Overall dimensions:
– length
– width
– height
– height with hopper
Weight kg 2300


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